Christian "Ro" Garner, Founder/CEO

Meet the Team

Monetary Financial is a foreign exchange trading firm established by six FX traders from Houston, Tx in 2014. We currently have over 100 members worldwide that we've trained. Over the past few years, we've encountered sleepless nights, hours and hours of studying, implementing different strategies and bridging the right connections with others which has helped us grow to become a dynasty of elite traders. We believe that hard work and teamwork is the key to success. You have to outwork everyone in your field to truly be the best. Be apart of a hungry growing team. We have students in almost every city of the United States. With over 7 years of combined experience, our mission is to provide our students with the best training and support available.

Monetary Financial provides up to date market news, training and software from beginner to expert level. The Monetary Formula is our innovative learning experience that includes the elements of trading and investing in our own trading community that shares trading ideas and news. Members get access to exclusive content and weekly updates to keep you focused on your successful trading or investing journey. Join the team today to begin your journey of financial freedom and wealth management. #MonetaryWay #Learnwithus #Tradewithus

Klint Brown, COO

Christian "Ro" Garner, Founder/CEO

 Ryan Carmouche, CWO